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Nail the Interview

Most people face exceptional fear around interviewing and public speaking.


Speak Confidently

Even the most successful people need to prepare for their big presentation.


Just say Hi

Networking can be overwhelming, chances are your colleages are battling the same nerves. So just say hi.

How Kick works

Our approachable doctors will help you form a plan to face your fears and meet your goals.


Skip the trip

A quick online consult with one of our licensed network doctors to get your personalized prescription.


Delivered right to your door

Fit-in-your-pocket beta-blocker tablets are delivered right to your door.


Practice daily

Download the Kick app to take action and build the confidence and skills you need to thrive.


Everyone faces moments of anxiety

Adrenaline is our body’s natural response to fear, and most of the time it helps us perform our best.


Symptoms can feel out of control

If our helpful adrenaline is overactive, symptoms can be distracting instead of motivating.


How do Kick's prescriptions work?

Beta-blockers work by literally blocking the body’s physiological response to adrenaline - things like sweaty palms, shaky hands, and a racing heart beat, so you can focus on what’s important.

What’s holding you back?

Your fears are personal—find a tailored program for quick, effective solutions.

  • Online doctor visit and follow-ups with approachable, Board Certified doctors
  • Treatment plan and FDA approved prescriptions personally tailored to you
  • Mailed to you from a licensed USA pharmacy, or pick up from a drugstore
  • Reorder as needed, no restrictive monthly subscriptions or fees
  • Doctor's visit for only $49
    receive up to 48 doses if approved

Important dosage and safety information

What are people saying about Kick?

Jeanie Hackett, Broadway Actress and Acting Coach

“Lots of actors I know say that using the prescriptions available on Kick saved their careers.”

— Jeanie Hackett,

Broadway Actress and Acting Coach

Richard Nelson YC Founder of Roofr

“Kick’s prescriptions increase my confidence that I’ll be able to deliver a good presentation.”

— Richard Nelson,

Y Combinator Founder of Roofr

Marc Gelfo, Professional Musician and Founder

“Crucial when performance stakes are high and I don’t want my sensitive nerves to interfere.”

— Marc Gelfo,

Professional Musician and Founder


You're not alone in your fear

“98% of professional performers say they’ve experienced anxiety. Kick helps address the physical symptoms of fear and nerves.”

Learn more about the Musician's Health Survey

See how Grammy Nominee
Blair Tindall got to critical confidence

“I was the runner-up for the Marlboro Audition!
I wasn’t even close to qualifying the previous two years.”

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