How We Can Help

Access to expert, specialized, performance medicine

woman doing morning stretches after restful night
          of sleep


Personalized Treatments by Expert Doctors

  • 1Online consultations with our trained sleep and performance doctors
  • 2Personalized, prescription medications delivered to your door
  • 3Ongoing coaching & support from our specialists

How It Works

  • Online Consultation
  • At-Home Prescription Trials
  • Continuous Sleep Coaching
  • Ongoing Medical Support

“Really keeps me calm and relaxed.”

— Shane G, Verified Kick Customer.

“Kick is my secret weapon. I know I can get it from a normal doctor but that's a major inconvenience.”

— Grant D, Verified Kick Customer.

“Kick has changed my life.”

— Nick A, Verified Kick Customer.

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Good Nights & Good Mornings

Doctor-led, personalized sleep coaching and trial sleep prescriptions to help you rediscover your best night’s rest.

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Prescription-Strength Confidence

Deliver calm, confident presentations without racing heartbeat, shaky hands and anxious physical symptoms getting in your way.


How do I know the difference between anxiety and fear?

Our performance-focused physicians address all the sleep and presentation questions on your mind.

Dr. Alex Dimitriu, Stanford-trained Psychologist, Sleep
              Specialist and Kick Advisor

Dr. Alex Dimitriu,
Kick Medical Team

Meet the Experts

Kick is partnered with leading experts in
psychology, medicine, and emotional fitness.

Dr. Robert
              Attaran, Yale University Cardiology Professor

“Performance anxiety can affect anyone, even top performers. Beta-blockers can help control the physiological symptoms of stress”

— Dr. Robert Attaran,

Cardiology Professor, Yale University

Dr. Alex
              Dimitriu, Stanford University Psychiatrist

“Beta-blockers have been scientifically shown to minimize the shakiness, sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat many of us experience before a big moment.”

— Dr. Alex Dimitriu,

Psychiatrist, Stanford University

Dr. Dennis
              Porto, Harvard University MD, MPH

“Kick's prescriptions can be a game changer for public speaking, the most common fear for many professionals.”

— Dr. Dennis Porto,

Harvard University Public Health

What are people saying about Kick?

“Crucial when performance stakes are high and I don’t want my sensitive nerves to interfere”

— Marc Gelfo

Professional Musician & Founder

“Lots of actors I know say that using the prescriptions available on Kick saved their careers”

— Jeanie Hackett,

Broadway Actress & Acting Coach

“Kick’s prescriptions increase my confidence that I’ll be able to deliver a good presentation.”

— Richard Nelson,

Y Combinator Founder of Roofr