Fear exists, but it doesn’t have to hold us back. Our goal is to confidently reflect and inspire the talent, spirit, and potential our customers possess.


Kick is rooted in science with a forward thinking point of view. We honor individuality and offer evidence-based solutions.


Kick is about action.
It’s a convenient solution ready when you need it.

Our Story

Kick was born because we were ready for more.
Ready to say yes instead of no.
Ready to step up rather than hang back.
Ready to stretch ourselves towards happiness and joy and away from regret.

Kick is a bold call to action.
A call to speak up without fear of judgment.
A call to stand up to self-doubt
A call to to show up and be seen for the extraordinary individual you already are.

We believe that every step forward makes a difference, no matter how small.
We believe in making what we once thought was impossible for ourselves obtainable.
We believe the journey towards confidence, though scary at times, should be shared.

Most importantly, we believe in dancing with fear.
That fear should be embraced.
And that ultimately, fear can be overcome.

Meet the Experts

Kick is partnered with leading experts in
psychology, medicine, and emotional fitness.

Dr. Robert
              Attaran, Yale University Cardiology Professor

“Performance anxiety can affect anyone, even top performers. Beta blockers can help control the physiological symptoms of stress”

— Dr. Robert Attaran,

Cardiology Professor, Yale University

Dr. Alex
              Dimitriu, Stanford University Psychiatrist

“Beta blockers have been scientifically shown to minimize the shakiness, sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat many of us experience before a big moment.”

— Dr. Alex Dimitriu,

Psychiatrist, Stanford University

Dr. Dennis
              Porto, Harvard University MD, MPH

“Kick's prescriptions can be a game changer for public speaking, the most common fear for many professionals.”

— Dr. Dennis Porto,

Harvard University Public Health

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