Kick Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it.
Thousands of people trust Kick to perform confidently and wake up refreshed.

“Really keeps me calm and relaxed.”

— Shane G, Verified Customer

“Kick is my secret weapon. I know I can get it from a normal doctor but that's a major inconvenience.”

— Grant D, Verified Customer

“Kick has changed my life.”

— Nick A, Verified Customer


Good Nights & Good Mornings

Doctor-led, personalized sleep coaching and trial sleep prescriptions to help you rediscover your best night’s rest.

 woman reading Kick prescription sleep medication bottle

“Kick was super easy and convenient to use. I love it!”

— Michelle V, Verified Customer

“The process was very simple, I hope to be a customer for a long time.”

— Ryan F, Verified Customer

“Kick has changed my life.”

— Nick A, Verified Customer

“Love the convenience of the office visit and the packaging.”

— Michael W, Verified Customer

“It was great! Wish I knew about Kick sooner.”

— Dee M, Verified Customer

“A+ customer service! I emailed Kick Support with questions and they were quick and professional with their response.”

— Skye S, Verified Customer

“I don’t know why anyone suffers when Kick is available.”

— Kate M, Verified Customer

“The ease and speed of this service are very valuable. I was able to get what I needed when I didn't have time to make a doctor's appointment.”

— Lindsay S, Verified Customer

woman leading coworkers through a meeting presentation


Prescription-Strength Confidence

Deliver calm, confident presentations without racing heartbeat, shaky hands and anxious physical symptoms getting in your way.

“I took one pill before I had to speak in front of a group of football players and their parents. I was still nervous but I didn't have a shaky voice so I was able to deliver my welcome remarks in a calm, clear manner. It was a great feeling and one of the best public speeches I've given - ever!”

— Sarah S, Verified Customer

“When I use beta-blockers, my nervousness remains, which I actually appreciate because it tells me I have work to do to conquer my fears. But all the physical symptoms go away or lessen dramatically.”

— Natalia M, Verified Customer

“Beta-blockers have saved and elevated my career. I’m calm, collected, focused, intelligent, and articulate on these. I’m myself, without getting in my own way.”

— Michael M, Verified Customer

“I felt the most confident and under control I ever have.”

— Max F, Verified Customer

“Had interviews using Kick and came back with 2 job offers! More confident in social situations! This is a game-changer for me!”

— Lee C, Verified Customer

“I used beta-blockers for the first time last month when I had to give a presentation before a large group of physicians. In the past, even when I am familiar with the topic, my voice would quiver and I was never able to get control of that. Using beta-blockers has been the single greatest thing to happen to me in my career. I am more confident and I do not have any issues regarding my voice or breathing.”

— John R, Verified Customer

“It was absolutely life-changing. My girlfriend almost didn't recognize me on the microphone giving my speech!”

— Nicholas O, Verified Customer

“Allows me to be the confident person I know I can be.”

— Carl D, Verified Customer

“I had zero fear whatsoever when it came time to do my presentation in front of a crowd of 3,000 people. I literally walked out there and owned the whole place.”

— Jonathan C, Verified Customer

“I feel a noticeable calmness during meetings where otherwise I would feel tense, shaky, and nervous. It's been a huge relief to know I've found something that actually works.”

— Justin S, Verified Customer

“I have a high-stress job, and it's nice just knowing that I have access to beta-blockers. This alone alleviates stress.”

— Phil A, Verified Customer

“I felt calmer than I ever had while giving a presentation. Public speaking doesn’t come naturally for me, but with presentation practice and the medication, I didn’t experience any of the stage fright symptoms I have in the past.”

— Nick S, Verified Customer

What are people saying about Kick?

“Crucial when performance stakes are high and I don’t want my sensitive nerves to interfere.”

— Marc Gelfo

Professional Musician & Founder

“Lots of actors I know say that using the prescriptions available on Kick saved their careers.”

— Jeanie Hackett,

Broadway Actress & Acting Coach

“Kick’s prescriptions increase my confidence that I’ll be able to deliver a good presentation.”

— Richard Nelson,

Entrepreneur & Founder of Roofr