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How Kick Works

How Kick Works

Kick Health helps smart, capable professionals overcome the fears that hold them back from being the very best versions of themselves.

Our personalized telemedicine service offers easy access to beta-blocker prescriptions, the insider’s edge to blocking nervous symptoms like a racing heartbeat, shaky hands, or trembly voice.

Using a team of approachable, board-certified doctors, we help you build a personalized treatment plan tailored to help you reach your goals.

How does Kick Work?

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Getting started with Kick is easy!

You’ll start by completing a quick online visit using our secure dashboard. Here you’ll answer questions about your current health, your needs, and your goals with Kick.

Once you’ve completed your visit, we’ll pass your information on to one of our licensed doctors who will review the information you submitted and create a personalized treatment plan.

Our medical team will reach out to you by email once they’ve completed evaluating your visit information and have your treatment plan ready.

If a prescription has been recommended, Kick will ship it directly to your door within a couple of days.  

Get started with your Kick online visit now!

Commonly Asked Questions

Will I need to schedule a visit with my doctor?

Nope! Our visits are done completely online without a scheduled phone or Skype visit. This allows for faster, more convenient care for you.

It also gives our doctors more time to take a closer look at the information you’ve shared and make a more informed decision about your treatment recommendations.

Is a prescription guaranteed?

Unfortunately not. Beta-blockers are a prescription medication and aren’t right for everyone.

In the instance that a doctor doesn’t recommend beta-blockers through Kick, they will offer an alternative recommendation. This recommendation may include a referral to an in-person physician’s appointment or another line of care altogether.

If our doctors do not recommend a prescription through Kick, you won’t be charged for your visit.

Who are Kick’s doctors?

All of Kick’s doctors are highly experienced, licensed U.S. physicians. The doctor assigned to you will be board-certified in the state in which you reside.

Can a doctor diagnose situational anxiety remotely?

Yes, a doctor can diagnose performance and situational anxiety remotely, so long as the information you provide in your questionnaire is up-to-date and truthful.

Does Kick replace my primary care physician?

Kick offers prescription medication and support for performance and situational anxiety. It does not replace the care offered by a primary care physician and cannot offer solutions for your other medical needs.

Is this a safe way to receive treatment?

Telemedicine is a safe and effective way to receive medical treatment, as long as the information you provide is fully up-to-date and truthful.

Additionally, it’s important to understand the details of any prescription medication you’re taking. A detailed information sheet is provided with every Kick prescription.

Does Kick abide by HIPPA?

Yes, Kick is HIPPA compliant. We understand that trusting us with this type of information is a big responsibility, and we take your privacy very seriously.

Ready to get started? Connect with one of Kick’s board-certified doctors today.