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Belsomra Cost Information—Insurance Coverage, Free Trials, and Coupons

Belsomra Cost Information—Insurance Coverage, Free Trials, and Coupons

With the amount of stress we face in our daily lives, getting enough sleep consistently is challenging. In case you’re having trouble sleeping, you can take a sleep medication like Belsomra to get some rest and tackle the new day without morning grogginess.

Before visiting your doctor to get a Belsomra prescription, you should learn about the ins and outs of this medication—including how Belsomra fits into your budget. In this article, we’ll analyze the Belsomra cost, explaining what factors can influence it and how you may be able to get it at a reduced price.

What Is Belsomra, and Is This Medication for You?

Belsomra is a recently developed dual orexin receptor antagonist (DORA) that can help you fall and remain asleep throughout the night. It works by blocking the actions of orexins—brain chemicals that cause wakefulness.

After taking Belsomra 30 minutes before bed, you may be able to fall asleep faster and maintain sleep for longer. However, you should only take Belsomra when you can set aside seven hours of sleep to prevent feeling drowsy and being less focused on high-stakes tasks the next day.

Belsomra was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2014. Currently, it’s available in four doses and doesn’t have a generic version.

Find out more about Belsomra in the table below:



Active ingredient


Year of FDA approval


Drug class

Schedule IV controlled substance


Merck & Co.


Brand-name only




5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg

Usual starting daily dose

10 mg

Maximum daily dose

20 mg

How Much Does Belsomra Cost?

Currently, Belsomra’s cost ranges between $400 and $500 for a single box containing 30 tablets. The price can vary based on:

  • The patient's treatment plan
  • Insurance coverage
  • The purchase location (pricing varies from one pharmacy to another, and mail-order medications tend to be less expensive)
  • The purchase amount (higher quantities may come at a lower end price)
  • Savings coupons, patient assistance programs, and other price cuts

To find out exactly how much Belsomra will set you back, you should consult your doctor, pharmacist, or insurance provider.

Source: Gary Barnes

Why Is Belsomra So Expensive?

Belsomra is pricey compared to other sleep medications because it exists only as a brand-name drug. For example, generic drugs like zolpidem can cost around 10 times less.

Belsomra is the first medication of its kind. It took years of research to develop the drug, confirm its safety and effectiveness, and introduce it to the market. All of these factors can drive up the price of branded medication.

After 20 years, other manufacturers can start selling generic versions, which will increase the competition and reduce the overall cost of the medication.

Belsomra Insurance Coverage

If Belsomra is too expensive for your budget, you’ll be happy to know that some health insurance plans may include this drug. Specific Medicare prescription drug coverage plans may help cover the cost of this medication, although the final cost will depend on the tier the medication is listed on and the coverage stage you’re in. If you’re in the deductible stage, you might have to pay the full cost of Belsomra, while being in the co-pay or later stages could reduce the cost. Quantity limits can also affect the final price.

In some cases, you may need to get prior authorization before your insurance provider can cover Belsomra. This process typically involves your doctor and insurer discussing your treatment to help the insurer determine whether to cover the drug. If you don’t get authorization before starting treatment, you may have to pay the full price.

To get the most accurate information, you should consult your insurance provider or have your doctor look up your eligibility using the official Merck Connect formulary coverage checker.

Source: Andrea Piacquadio

Programs To Help Pay for Belsomra

Those without health insurance may be able to pay less for Belsomra thanks to the following programs:

  1. Merck patient assistance program
  2. Merck Connect for healthcare providers

Merck Patient Assistance Program

The MerckHelps™ patient assistance program offers Merck medications for free to individuals who can’t afford them. If you’re eligible for the program, you can get up to five free refills of Belsomra for a 30-day supply and reapply for the program as many times as needed. The eligibility requirements include:

  • U.S. residency (U.S. territories included)
  • Prescription for a Merck product from a healthcare provider with a U.S. license
  • No insurance or other coverage for the medication
  • Household income below a specific threshold (less than $58,320 for individuals)

Merck might make exceptions for individuals in specific circumstances of medical and financial adversity.

To enroll in this program, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the enrollment form from the official website and complete it
  2. Take the form to their healthcare provider and have it signed by both parties
  3. Mail the form to the designated address

If your application is successful, you’ll receive Belsomra at your home address unless specified otherwise.

Merck Connect for Healthcare Providers

U.S. healthcare providers can request Belsomra samples, coupons, and vouchers through the Merck Sample Portal. They can then decide which patients to give them to on a case-by-case basis.

Source: Ann Danilina

Belsomra Coupons and Discounts

In some cases, you may be able to cut the cost of Belsomra with printable coupons and vouchers. Check out some of the official options and their terms in the table below:


How It Works

Number of Uses

Expiration date

Belsomra Free Trial Voucher

  • One free supply of ten tablets for every dose except 5 mg

One voucher per person per dose 


Belsomra Savings Coupon

  • Up to $150 off on 12 qualifying Belsomra prescriptions of 30 tablets

  • Available only to eligible patients with private health insurance



Belsomra Savings Coupon Direct Member Reimbursement (DMR) 

  • Eligible privately insured patients may get reimbursement if their retail or mail-order pharmacy didn’t accept the Savings Coupon

  • They must contact the organization within 30 days of the purchase

One rebate per prescription


How To Fill Out the Belsomra Coupon

To get the coupons and vouchers, you should follow the instructions provided on the website. The process usually looks like this:

  1. Review and accept the terms and conditions
  2. If needed, answer questions for eligibility assessment
  3. Save and print the coupon/voucher
  4. Show it at an eligible pharmacy

Can You Buy Belsomra Without Prescription?

No—Belsomra is a prescription-only drug. To get it, you must visit a primary care doctor, psychiatrist, or sleep medicine specialist. They’ll decide whether you’re a suitable candidate based on your medical history and current health status, primarily due to the following reasons:

  • Controlled substance—Belsomra is a Schedule IV controlled substance because it has some potential for abuse. The clinical trials didn’t find evidence of physical dependence or withdrawal symptoms. Still, patients with a history of substance abuse may be at risk of developing psychological dependence, so doctors must oversee treatment
  • Side effects—Belsomra may cause side effects such as drowsiness and psychomotor impairment. It can cause more severe reactions in patients who have certain conditions or take specific medications and supplements. The doctor must evaluate whether the patient can safely take Belsomra
  • Dosage adjustment—When a patient starts their Belsomra treatment, the doctor has to monitor their progress to see how they react. If necessary, they’ll alter the dosage until it’s effective and well-tolerated. If the insomnia persists for seven to ten days after the first dose, the doctor will consider other diagnoses and request further evaluation

If your doctor decides Belsomra isn’t the right option for you, they can recommend other solutions. This can include other DORAs (Quviviq, Dayvigo), Z-drugs (Ambien, Sonata), benzodiazepines (Ativan, Valium), antidepressants (trazodone), and over-the-counter solutions (antihistamines, melatonin).

Once you’ve gotten your prescription, your job is far from done. To make lasting changes to your sleep routine, you should learn and implement proper sleep hygiene practices in your daily life. Ideally, you should see a sleep medicine specialist to get a comprehensive treatment plan that includes psychotherapy.

Considering sleep experts are scarce, you should arm yourself with patience. If you’re looking for a fast and convenient solution for your sleeplessness, check out Kick’s performance medicine platform and cutting-edge sleep program.

Source: Andrea Piacquadio

Kick—Better Sleep, Better Performance

With a sleep program designed by a Stanford sleep doctor, Kick can help you optimize your sleep habits and put a stop to feeling sleep-deprived.

You only need to complete a 15-minute sleep visit and provide information about your current condition and health history. Within a day, our sleep doctors will create a personalized treatment plan. They’ll prescribe two medications for trial, which will be shipped to your home or local pharmacy.

Kick’s sleep program goes beyond medications—our doctor will monitor your progress, fine-tune the treatment, and check in regularly. They’ll also provide helpful tips based on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) to help make lasting improvements in your sleep regimen.

Kick boasts excellent Trustpilot reviews, attesting to the program’s effectiveness and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

“It was my first time getting a prescription online. Kick walked me through every step; it was easy to understand, seamless and I couldn’t be happier.”

Mark D, U.S.

How To Get Kick’s Sleep Treatment

To start overcoming bedtime procrastination with Kick, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and complete your sleep visit
  2. Fill out the questionnaire to help us understand your sleep issue and medical history
  3. Enter the delivery and payment details

You won’t have to pay for the consultation if our specialist determines Kick isn’t the right solution for you, as per our “Doctor Guarantee.” The total monthly cost of Kick’s sleep services is $129, including the subscription fee, medications, and shipping.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey to better sleep, register for Kick and get your custom sleep optimization plan in no time.

Featured image source: Valeria Ushakova